Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Next knitting night on the 27th of April.


Our last knitting night was nice again and BBCAlba made a short movie about this event. Very well filmed.
In the meantime I finished my first project and here is the result:

Now our next meeting will be on the 27th of April. Same place same time.
Look forward to seeing you there.


Tuesday, 31 March 2009

24 knitters last night!

We really enjoyed ourselves last night in the pub.
Here are some pictures of our 24 knitters.

Bev and her friend came along from Aberdeen, they were on holliday! Thanks for joining us!
Margaret is knitting a Cushion cover...

Dawn is knitting a green jumper...

Janet is making this beautiful white cover!

I wasn't the only beginner, here we have Laura and Jenny...

And the 24 of us!

Were also knitting:
Anne, Valery, Liz, Cilla, Val, Ann, Christine, Sarah, Terry, Barbara, Elisabeth, Gill, Tina and Ann.
Thank you Anne, Freya and Barbara for teaching the beginners and everyone for coming.
The majority of the group decided to meet again every second monday which makes our next knitting night on the 13th of April. This day is easter monday, is it a problem for anyone?
Who can make it?

We really look forward to seeing you again and the progress on your work!
We'll see if I can manage to knit ten rows without having to cast on again!
Make a bet!

Now I'll get back to my hot water bottle cosy! See you soon, 


Friday, 27 March 2009

First knitting evening in Fortrose

Dear knitters/futur knitters, 

Our first evening is coming soon! 
Anne, Freya -both experienced- and myself -beginner- will be happy to meet you at The Anderson pub on monday the 30th of March 2009 at 7.00pm.
We'll have a few beginners kits available including very good quality yarn and our first project will be a hot water bottle cosy. 
If you're experienced, please come along with your current work to share your needle craft skills. It will be fun!
Look forward to seeing you there, 
All the best,